Cross Creek Fellowship Worship Service | 4 p.m.

Cross Creek Fellowship: A Fresh Approach to Worship

With great excitement and a spirit of renewal, we invite you to a newly refashioned worship service: Cross Creek Fellowship!

A Service Rooted in Tradition, Yet Refreshingly Casual
Cross Creek Fellowship invites us to come as we are—whether that means jeans and t-shirts or Sunday best—embracing the joy of fellowship and worship without formalities. This service is a place where children are welcome, and where the music blends the lyrics of old with a fresh, folksy twist.
However, do not mistake our laid-back approach for a departure from our deep-rooted faith. While Cross Creek Fellowship may be described as “contemporary,” it is not contemporary in the sense you might find elsewhere in Fayetteville. Our aim is to be “ANCIENT BUT NOT TRADITIONAL.” This means we hold fast to the beauty of our theology, the ancient roots of our faith, and the storied history of First Presbyterian Church, all the while presenting a service that is accessible and inviting to everyone.

A Mission Beyond Our Church Doors
Cross Creek Fellowship is not simply another option for our Sunday worship; it is a mission. It reaches out to those beyond our church doors who might feel intimidated or uncomfortable in a traditional worship setting. It is a beacon for those seeking a spiritual home where they can explore their faith in a relaxed and nurturing environment.
We envision Cross Creek Fellowship as a vital part of our church’s outreach, connecting new faces to the many ways they can grow, serve, and belong within our community. It’s about creating pathways for individuals to explore their faith and find their place among us, contributing to and benefiting from the vibrant life of First Presbyterian Church.

Stay Tuned for More on Cross Creek Fellowship
As we look forward to the official launch of Cross Creek Fellowship, we want to ensure you stay informed about all the details leading up to this special day. While we are hoping for a launch on Sunday, April 7th at 4 pm in the Fellowship Hall, we invite each of you to stay tuned for more information and consider taking part in this exciting journey.
If you feel called to contribute or simply wish to learn more about how you might help with the Cross Creek Fellowship launch, we warmly invite you to reach out to Pastor Jeff Shaver directly at

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